Forest Crisis

Forest Crisis

The “CRISIS SERIES” is a series of edutainment books that uses comics to illustrate, explain and help students learn Science in a fun and interesting way.

Aimed at upper primary school students, the series follows the adventures of two kids who wind up helping space aliens on a mission to save the earth, while learning the Science behind the “crisis” they face along the way. The full-colour book also includes easy-to-read infographics and explanations to highlight important Science facts from each chapter to help better understand the topics covered.

The forests are in danger! Tina and Tai stumble upon a space pod that has crash-landed onto earth! Befriended by two space aliens, they are unwittingly dragged along on a recovery mission that takes them deep into the forests around the world. However, the kids soon discover that the forests are disappearing!

What is going on?! Can they learn the science behind the forests’ disappearance and do something before it’s too late?!

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